Manifold Valves

Instrument Manifold Valves

AUTMEC Manifold Valves are designed and manufactured for multiple applications for Isolation, Bleed, Calibration, Testing of Pressure Instruments. These Valves comes in the configuration of 2 Valve, 3 Valve and 5 Valve. A series of Needle Valve are assembled and configured to achieve the planned flow. Various material options for Body and Packing are available for different temperature applications. These valves are designed to provide an leak proof assembly and give 100% reliability. These manifolds commonly include Ball, Bleed, Needle, and Vent valves. Their use results in savings in terms of space and installation costs.

Features & Benefits

  • Working Pressure of 6000 psig
  • Non Rotating Vee type design to eliminate rotation between seat and tip
  • Available in Straight, Angle and Cross Pattern
  • Stainless Steel Construction with options of packing for high temperature application
  • Colour coded Dust Caps for identification of Valve type
  • 100% factory Tested
  • Valves tested in accordance with BS EN 12266-1 which was earlier BS 6755 Pt-1
  • Metal to Metal Seating for contend compression
  • Thread rolled and Burnished Stem
  • Hardened Tip for extended Leak Proof Life
  • Improved layout due to less hoses and connections

Bonnet Design

Sl. No. Description Qty. M.O.C
1. Bonnet 1. A479-316 / A-105
2. Pusher 1. A479-316 / A-105
3. Check Nut 1. A479-316 / A-105
4. Spindle 1. A479-316 / A-105
5. Spindle Tip 1. A479-316 / A-105
6. Washer 1. A479-316 / A-105
7. Packing 1. PTFE / Graphoil
8. T - Handle 1. A479-316 / A-105
9. Locking Pin 1. A479-316 / A-105
10. Dust Cap 1. L.D.P.E
11. Body 1. A479-316 / A-105

Pressure / Temperature Rating


Seat options available

End Connection options available

  • Pipe Thread Connections
  • Weld Connection
  • Tube Fitting Connection
  • Socket Weld Connection

Colour Coding of Dust Caps for Type of Valve

Ordering Information