AUTMEC is having state of the art manufacturing facility span over an area of 7,000 sq ft with a fleet of CNC machines, VMC machines, Semi-Automatic Lath machines, High pressure test bench with SCADA control, Configuration centre for Transmitters and dedicated R&D Team.

R&D plays a vital role and is one of the pillar on which any successful company stands. As evolution is a continuous process and change is always constant, Innovation & Continuous improvement is the need of the hour. Research and Innovation has been the foundation of success at AUTMEC and we strongly believe in keeping with par with new technology. R&D helps in offering customization of products as per client requirement adhering to international standards giving an edge over other manufacturer.

List of Machinery

Being a supporter of advance technology, both our manufacturing plants are well-equipped and upgraded with latest and world-class facilities, which include:

  • High Pressure Testing Machines
  • Burst Pressure Testing Machines
  • Pneumatic Pressure Testing Machines
  • Impulse Testing Machines
  • Vibration Testing Machines
  • Pullout Testing Machines
  • Thermal Testing Machines
  • Low Pressure Testing Machines
  • Rotary Testing Machines
  • Flexure Fatigue Testing Machines
  • Vacuum Testing Machines

Moreover, to multiply our production speed and ensure quality norms, our plants are equipped with high-end machinery, which include:

  • CNC Machines:                                               12 NOS
  • Semi-Automated Traubs:                                5 NOS
  • VMC Machines:                                                1 NOS
  • Manual Lathes:                                                 7 NOS
  • Capstan Lathes:                                               3 NOS
  • Conventional Milling Machines:                    1 NOS
  • Centre less Grinding Machines:                    1 NOS
  • Hydraulic Press:                                               1 NOS
  • Hand Press:                                                      2 NOS
  • Hydrostatic Test Bench:                                 1 NOS
  • Profile Projector:                                              1 NOS
  • Micron Hobbing Machines:                            2 NOS
  • Automatic Bar cutting Machine:                   1 NOS
  • Bandsaw Cutting Machines:                          4 NOS
  • Radial Drilling Machines:                                3 NOS
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine:                        2 NOS
  • Laser Marking Machine:                                  1 NOS