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Autmec Engineering Twin Ferrule Tube Fittings consists of four precisely machine components for a 100% Reliable leak proof joint. The function of the back ferrules is to provide an excellent Mechanical and vibration hold on the Tube. The function of the Front Ferrule is to provide a pressure Seal between the tube and the body, silver plating on the Nuts ensures No Galling on body threads, Autmec Engineering Tube Fittings are designed to compensate for sufficient pull-up and allows repeated remake ability. These fittings are available for fractional and metric Tube with the choice of pipe threads, i.e. NPT, BSP/BSPT, ISO METRIC, SAE/MS.
AUTMEC ENGINEERING Tube fittings are available in assembled and ready to use conditions to provide a reliable and leak-proof connection in instrument and process tubing systems. The installation of these Tube Fittings is very simple. Just insert the Tube Fittings Assembly and tighten the nut as per assembly instruction provide in this catalogue in section of Installation Instructions (1.1/4 turn form- tight) and the joint is ready to take any kind of pressures from low to high. The front ferrule, as it is urged forward against the tapered area of the body is forced inward gripping and subsequently sealing the leading edge tightly onto tubing.
Simultaneously the back. Ferrule , done tailed directly behind the front ferrule, swages beneath its trailing edge affording the desired “coining” action and mechanical connection of tubing and fitting. It is this interaction of ferrules that allows AUTMEC ENGINEERING too achieves its excellent sealing capabilities under a wide variety of application variables.
AUTMEC ENGINEERING TUBE FITTINGS are designed, manufactured and quality controlled to be totally “Interchangeable” with leading International brands. The exceptional infrastructure and quality standards that are followed at all stages of our products assure complete reliability of service whenever intermixed with other International brands.

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Material of Constructions

Material Bar Stock Forgings Designator
SS 316/316L ASTM A 276 ASTM A 182 S6 / S6L
ASME SA 479 ASME SA 182  
Brass ASTM B 16 ASTM B 283 B
ASTM B 453    
Carbon Steel ASTM A 108 - C
Alluminum ASTM B 211 ASTM B 247 AL
Alloy 400 / R-405 ASTM B 164 ASTM B 564 M
ASTM SB 164 ASME SB 564  
Alloy 600 ASTM B 166 ASTM B 564 A6
ASME SB 166 ASME SB 564  
Alloy 20 ASTM B 473 ASTM B 462 A20
Alloy C276 ASTM B 574 ASTM B 564 H
Titanium ASTM B 348 ASTM B 381 TI
PTFE ASTM D 1710 - T
Nylon ASTM D 4066 - N