AUTMEC manifold valves are carefully designed and manufactured with précised tolerance under rigid quality control.
Manifold valves in construction are two way/three way/five way.
AUTMEC manifold valves are variously remote mounted i.e :

•  Pipe to pipe        : 'R' type / Direct mounting.
•  Pipe to flange    : 'T'  type.
•  Flange to flange:  'H'  type.

Manifold valves withstands pressure riding capacity upto 6000 psi. Each valve on every manifold is 100% tested with nitrogen at 2000 psi for leakage at the packing, seat and shell. For hydrostatic, testing is done at 9000 psi.

•  Offered in variety of materials such as SS316/L, SS304/L & CS.
•  2,3 and 5 way manifolds
•  Direct mounted, separately mounted, co-planar and flanged configuration available.
•  Case hardened non-rotating swivelling plug
•  Working pressure upto 10,000 psig
•  Wetting of threads is prevented by seal design above the thread
•  Heat code traceable
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